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***Easter egg has been found!  It was the caption on the collage of me. 🙂 ***

About a month ago, Bethany posted a modified version of the Agility tank and dress in the main PDF promotions group on Facebook.  The response was overwhelming and Melissa opened a separate group and started a sewalong.  (All of this happened organically and without me.)  I contacted the two people who started the ball rolling and we got the sewalong off the ground and added prizes for people who finished by the end of June.  We had over 300 people join the sewalong group!  I’m incredibly thankful to Melissa Ross for starting the group and Bethany Cooler for working diligently to share how she modified the original pattern.  Ruched swim shorts peek

I opted to re-draw the modifications as a free add-on for anyone who purchased the original Agility tank pattern.  The changes include dropping the underarm about 3″ on the sides and offering two options for the front.  You can either use the slimmer version (from the original Agility pattern) or a fuller version.  The construction is the same as the original tank.  I’ve included information with the add-on that covers different supplies that will come in handy for making a bathing suit.  If you’ve already purchased the Agility, just send me an email with your receipt and I’ll be happy to send you the modified pattern pieces.  If you’d like to take advantage of our current sale (25% off through July 5th with the code 4thofjuly), the modified pieces will be part of your download.

In the end, only a few people were able to finish their patterns on time for the prizes, but I’m incredibly thankful for the attention that 5 out of 4 Patterns received and the process helped spawn a new pattern, a ruched, reversible swim short!  It’s currently being tested right now. 🙂

Too legit...Too legit to quit...


Here are a few of the entries for the sewalong.  You can also join the sewalong Facebook group here to see the other entries.  One person even modified the Agility tankini so it was a halter.  I loved that idea!  We saw a few Adventure Skorts made into swim skorts as well.  If you did that, you could enter a picture into our Adventure Contest!!

tankini and adventure skort medium Halter tankini green tankini























What are your plans this weekend?  Want to play a game?  I’ve hidden an “Easter egg” of sorts on this blog post.  Comment below with what you think it might be for your chance to win a free pattern! The winner will be chosen randomly from the correct responses.


63 Responses

  1. Gaelle S.

    I think you may be working on a bathing suit pattern for girls 🙂

  2. Dana Goodman

    A girl’s swim suit is coming? I’m not really sure what you mean by easter egg. But that one mom sure has a cute little girl with coordinating suit.

  3. Rashiell Shirey

    Is the “Easter egg” the free pattern add on? 🙂 I just purchased the agility tank with the sale yesterday, I can’t wait to make it!

  4. Tammie

    I think the Easter egg is a sneak peak at the new riches side shorts in testing

  5. Mary Matthews

    spawning a new pattern??? Only cute thing I can find!! IT all is so nice and flows well, lol

  6. kathryn Smith

    Is the “easter egg” the creepy spider looking thing in the bottom right corner of the pic of you facing the camera? Other than that i can’t find anything :/ but i am loving the look of the modified tank and swim bottoms!!!

  7. Jill S

    My guess is the easter egg is the little tidbit about the adventure skort 🙂

  8. Rose

    I love these swimsuits!

    Is the Easter Egg a sneak preview of a secret children’s swim pattern that is to come?

  9. Michelle Gagnon

    All of this happened organically and without me 🙂 I love your patterns by the way and really enjoyed the sew along. It was my first and not my last.

  10. Amber

    I think your egg is the line from MC Hammer’s “Too Legit.” ☺️ Love it! Sewing up one of these this week for my vacation.

  11. Kyema

    Is it the pretty glitter over your beach picture with your blue agility tank? I love this pattern! I need to get it with the skirt 😉

  12. Julie Bryant

    Organically and without me… I love the pattern and the new swim shorts. I have 15 more pounds to loose then I can make a new suit. This will be the pattern I use.

  13. Melissa Ross

    “Easter Egg”: your daughter in her striped suit. She looks a like a cute little Easter egg. :). Love the Agility pattern and its versatility – truly 5+ patterns in one!

  14. Julia Clarke

    i think (well more like guess) that the “easter egg” is where u describe ur new pattern as spawn xx

  15. Carolyn

    This is a tough one. Like the others guessed: all of this happened organically and without me. Otherwise I will need a hint.

  16. Sarah

    (All of this happened organically and without me.) can’t wait to get more budget for more patterns and fabric…. so love the knot shirt!!!!! <3

  17. Athyena

    helped spawn a new pattern…my guess lol this is the next pattern I want

  18. kathryn Smith

    Do you want to play a game? (Said in a creepy voice) from the movie Saw. Yep my mind is a little creepy. Lol!

  19. ag

    Organically and without me 😀 i love the wording when you chose the name for the cooler tankini and the last name of the person responsible for it 😉

  20. Kerrie

    Is it the title? I mean, it is a cooler tank than the others 🙂 but with the 4th coming up…..see where I was going with that? 🙂

  21. Dana Goodman

    Organically and without me. That’s my guess for the easter egg. Only thing I can think of after reading like 4 or 5 times.

  22. Katie Layne Shewbart

    “… helped spawn a new pattern”. I finally bought my swim material so I can make my own modified swim top. I’m so excited!

  23. Amanda

    “Organically and without me”
    I’m super excited about the swim shorts. I really have been waiting for a pattern like that all of my life, really! It’s perfect!

  24. Kathleen

    I do see “organically and without me”, but I don’t see an Easter Egg-LOL! But I am still going to comment and let you know that I LOVE THE SWIM SHORTS!!!

  25. Fransiska

    (All of this happened organically and without me.)

    I love this modification, has been looking for something like this. 😉

  26. Lisa

    All this happened organically and without me, thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Amy Bradlow

    Is it the tiny picture at the end of the paragraph about the shorts?

  28. Roxanne

    Easter Egg: Too legit…Too legit to quit…

    I was over here like “I’m not sewing myself a swimsuit this summer” but after seeing the Agility turned into a tankini I so want to make myself one!

  29. kathryn Smith

    Spawn! Gah! That comment kept coming back to me but i thought it was something simpler than that. Lol! And my guesses were even weirder. Lol!

    • Jessica Pierce

      Spawn isn’t correct, but I love that people are entertained by my word choice. haha I definitely didn’t major in English!

      • kathryn Smith

        Yeah i realized that after i re-read your fb comment that none of these are correct. Lol! Darn. I have no clue then 🙁

  30. Michelle Gagnon

    Too legit…too legit to quit. (Yes I’m singing this while typing)

  31. Amber Hunt

    Too legit…Too legit to quit! Thank you for putting that in my head! I will not be able to get this out of my head. 😉

  32. Jana Crosby

    Is the bonus the mention of including info about supplies for making it into a swimsuit, in the free add-on?
    Good game. Should I keep guessing?! 🙂

  33. Wendy poole

    I love this! I think the Easter egg has something to do with the picture of the lady in the celestial print below the lady with the red and cheetah print tank. Maybe a one piece suit or add on?

  34. Ula

    When you click on the picture of you with the close up of the swim short the caption says Too Legit.. Too legit to quit

  35. Dana Goodman

    Your photo quote? The MC hammer song? Too legit to quit? (It doesn’t show up on mobile unless you click the photo.)

  36. Narelle G.

    The swim shorts? Another sewalong? The new modifications to the agility?

  37. Kristen

    “Too legit…too legit to quit…” Love it! Hammer time! I saw the original post a month ago and fell in love! Thanks for the coupon. I’m ordering mine today!

  38. Robin Young

    I think the Easter egg is the new reversible swim shorts in testing

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