5 out of 4 Patterns is a dream in the making.  We went for four children and got twins. 🙂  For the first year of the twins’ life, I turned to sewing as an opportunity to have quiet time by myself.  I had been sewing for a long time prior to that, but during that first year, I used sewing as a time of prayer, meditation, and thought and was sewing for hours every night.  I said I was working my way back to sanity, one craft at a time.  😉

I loved being pregnant and I loved nursing my babies, but I was dismayed by the lack of patterns available for nursing and pregnant mothers.  I began learning more and more about Adobe Illustrator and developing patterns and made it a goal to come out with my own patterns one day.

Like a row of falling dominos, one thing led to another, and all of the sudden I found myself with a pattern ready to test!  Now I’m planning future patterns for nursing and pregnant mothers as well as their families.  The pictures I’ve seen of other mothers nursing their babies, wearing clothing they made with MY patterns, well–that just brings me immense joy.