Sewing School: The Burrito Roll Method

I love burritos and I also love Sewing School!

sewing school burrito method

The fully lined bodice is my jam. There aren’t many things more satisfying than that lovely look of a lined, sleeveless bodice.  Two of my favorite patterns to use this method are the Women’s Sydney Peplum and Dress as well as the Girls’ Sydney Peplum and Dress.

Sewing School Burrito Method

Sewing School Burrito

If you’ve ever wondered how to accomplish the Burrito Method of finishing a fully lined, sleeveless bodice this post is for you.  The burrito Method may look complex but once you get started it’s really simple and fun.  Just follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way.  Check out the video and don’t forget to download you FREE Pdf just below.

Here’s your FREE Downloadable PDF:

Sewing School- The Burrito Method

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Sewing School!  We’ll catch you next time.

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  1. Lori S.

    This is no doubt a dumb question by a sewing novice – but how is this different than just sewing the armholes up with right sides together? It seems like that is what is really happening, as ultimately the right sides are together when you sew. Why not just lay the right sides together and stitch them up without the roll part?

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