Sewing School: Installing Clear Elastic

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Clear elastic can be intimidating and we know that, however, often, there is a definite need for it.  For example, the Sydney Peplum and Dress has a fully lined bodice that requires it in the neckline. Additionally, the upcoming Jenny Cross Front Tunic uses it with the band.  We also use clear elastic in waist lines, shoulder and when more stability in a seam is needed.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’ve tried skipping this step for a few reasons.  Many times I have the excuse that I’m intimated by the elastic and others I’m simply too lazy.  I’m proud to say I’ve moved past both of those excuses and I NEVER pass by this step anymore!

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by adding clear elastic, this video is for you! We cover TWO different clear elastic needs in this video.

  1. Adding elastic to a banded neckline
  2. Adding elastic to a the neckband of a fully lined bodice(begins at 5:09)

Check it out, right now!



Here’s your FREE PDF Download with all the instructions:

Installing Clear Elastic in Neckband

Installing Clear Elastic in Neckband of Fully Lined Bodice


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  1. Cheryl

    Wow, great tutorial on sewing clear elastic. Super good idea to understitch lining. Thanks.

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