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So y’all know Lularoe, right?  I feel like everybody and their mother wants to sell me a pair of Lularoe leggings.  I have that strange reaction between trying to be supportive and wanting to throw down because they KNOW I sew… I’m sure my face has a crazy forced smile somewhat resembling this:

Anyway, a little while back, my tween daughter saw these Lularoe Mustache leggings and begged me for some.  Me being a seamstress, I went on the hunt for fabric and came up empty-handed.  Gathering my pride and best non-forced smile, I contacted the peeps I knew who dealt in the world of Roe only to basically get laughed at.  Turns out these leggings are a…. unicorn?!  Which (apparently) means they were really, really popular and now you can only buy them at 3 times the price from eBay or such.


Fast forward a few months and this fantastic fabric company called Vintage Lace comes up with this heart mustache print:

I scrambled to convince them to let me sew the strike off (sample fabric) and the lovely hosts gave me the opportunity!  Ninja leggings were the obvious choice because their negative ease is only slight meaning the print won’t get all stretched out when you’re wearing them (if you don’t have these yet, make sure to join the Facebook group and get the code to get them for FREE).  AND this is a nice and thick double brushed poly – at least twice as thick as Lularoe – meaning they are warm and will last a lot longer.

I needed a cute tunic to go with them.  It was hard to choose between the Nancy, the Easy Tee and the Weekender.  I gave my kid the choice and she went with the Weekender because she loved the dropped shoulder look.  The plaid is another DBP available through Vintage Lace and the rest is a solid cotton lycra.  I even pulled out my software and designed a fun HTV file (that she also chose).

She loves it.  To be perfectly honest, this is one of the things I love most about sewing.  I have the ability to take something I see online or in a store and turn it into reality.  For both my kids and myself (and sometimes my husband if he asks nicely).

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