Sew Americana Blog Tour and a Ruffle Bummies Tutorial

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Welcome to 5 out of 4 Patterns! I’m excited to be a part of the Sew Americana blog tour this year!

I’m a terrible procrastinator, so when this popped up on my calendar this week, I started to panic about what I should do.  Then I realized that we had AWESOME pictures of an Americana Little Luna Skirt that one of our testers sewed up.  The Little Luna Circle Skirt (and the Women’s Luna Circle Skirt) can be purchased for FREE with a coupon code found in the pinned post in the 5 out of 4 Patterns Group on Facebook.
After recognizing that I could always show off the Luna Skirt, Rachelle made up matching Easy Tee Dresses for her and her daughter.  How adorable are these??  The Easy Tee is a super quick relaxed fit t-shirt with a TON of options, so it’s always our go-to for holidays and quick outfits.

5oo4 Easy Tee Americana Collage

But wait…there’s more!  I decided that my daughter needed an outfit for the 4th of July too. 🙂 5oo4 doesn’t have any baby sized patterns, so I went over to Brindille and Twig and downloaded their FREE Bummies pattern.  For the tank, I graded the Stella Tank down to an a18m size.  I’d already done this to make my daughter a romper, and I’m thinking about offering the 18m size pieces for free on the blog.  (Leave a comment if you’d be interested!  I wouldn’t be writing any new directions–those are already available in the Stella Romper patterns for girls and women.)

For the Bummies, I decided to add ruffles to the back.  Want to know how I did it?  I thought you might enjoy a quick little tutorial, so here you go!

  1. Take the Back pattern piece and measure 1.25 inches down from the top (for the foldover elastic waist) and 1 inch from either side. (PLEASE NOTE: These measurements are for the 18-24m size! If you’re making size 0-3 months, you’re going to have to asses how wide to make your ruffles and then double that measurement for how wide to cut your ruffle fabric.)
  2. Draw 4 lines horizontally across the back with some sort of medium that will disappear.  My lines are 1 inch apart and 11 inches long.
  3. Cut out your ruffles! I cut 4 ruffles that are 1.25″L x 22″W (Length goes with the grain and width goes with the stretch of the knit fabric!)
  4. Mark center back and the center of each strip of your ruffles.
  5. Using the longest straight stitch, sew one long edge of each of your ruffle pieces.  Pull on either end to gather the ruffles.
  6. Starting with the bottom line, match center of ruffle with center back and match the ends with the ends of your marked lines.  Spread out the ruffle evenly and line up the top of ruffle with your marked line. Sew ruffle down with a zig-zag stitch.
  7. Repeat with other 3 ruffles.
  8. Continue on with the written directions!

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  1. Nora

    I’d love 18 mos size pieces!! My daughter is smaller than the size 2 measurements and mostly wears 18-24 mos in rtw.

  2. Michelle D Schuh

    Super cute matching outfits! I’m dreading the day when my daughter doesn’t think matching her mom is cool anymore. Also super cute bummies tutorial. I will have to try that one next time i’m sewing up a baby gift.

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