Sew Americana 2019

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Welcome to 5 out of 4 Patterns!

We’re glad you’re here; we’re also super pumped to be part of the Sew Americana 2019 Blog Tour!

We had a great time participating last year(you can find that HERE) and this year has been no exception.

Sew Americana 2019 Sew Americana 2019

I had a bit of pattern indecision when trying to come up with a plan for this year’s tour.  You know how it is, you declare you have it all figured out but then the fabric speaks to you and it all changes. I’m so so happy with how everything turned out.

We don’t often have visitors here in our neck the woods, so when my Dad and Step-mom said they were coming to visit for two weeks we all got super excited!  Spending time with family is my most favorite thing to do and watching my little ones interact with their grandparents brings me so much joy.

Sew Americana 2019

I have four daughters and the two youngest have been begging for a puppy.  Fortunately, Papaw and Mamaw brought their dogs along and now my girls are even more in love with dogs.  When they head home tomorrow I, definitely, expect some tears to be shed.  Mamaw and Papaw may shed a few themselves.

Sew Americana 2019

The past two weeks have been accompanied by so many moments of bonding and my favorite moments included ribs and s’mores!

Sew Americana 2019

Summertime is here so my husband is all about grilling.  It also helps that he got a new grill for his birthday.  He’s a little obsessed and if I’m honest, I’m not mad one bit!

Sew Americana 2019

As I prepared our first official cookout with the new grill the girls reminded me that we should wear our Sew Americana makes.  They don’t always get excited about mommy-makes but these were special for some reason and I jumped on the excitement bandwagon as we all got ready.

In preparing for this blog tour I decided to work on the following patterns:

Girls’ Virginia Tank and Maxi (tank only)

Kids’ Swim Trunks

Women’s Lizzy Dress

Women’s Sydney and Women’s Layla Mash

Women’s Boardshorts

Diane Joggers

I made some slight modifications to some of the patterns to try for a varied look to fit my vision.

Anyway, we ate RIBS!

My husband prepared them on the grill and my Stepmom made homemade bbq sauce.  It was HEAVENLY!!!  I enjoyed the sun and company with an occasional peek into the grill myself! I made a mash of the Sydney Peplum (Bodice only) and the Women’s Layla Dress (shortened skirt into peplum length) usingLiverpool from Amelia Lane Designs.  I styled it with the Women’s Boardshorts for a casual looks and then with my stretch denim from Joann Fabrics Diane Joggers for a fancier look.

Makes 1, 2 & 3:

Sew Americana 2019

Sew Americana 2019

After ribs it was time for S’mores! The kids love them so my husband was quick to build a fire and get things moving and everyone was soooo soooo happy!!

Sew Americana 2019

Makes 4 & 5:

Sew Americana 2019

The Girls’ Virginia Tank and Maxi made the PERFECT tank for this combo! Fabric from Sly Fox Fabrics I decided to make the most amazing little shorts from the Kids’ Swim Trunks using some super cute linen-look fabric from Joann Fabrics.  I’m so darn in love with them and the girls think they are pretty darn cute.

Make 6:

Sew Americana 2019

My insanely beautiful 12 year old has been letting me know very clearly that she isn’t interested in mommy-made clothes anymore (cue the tears).  However, I won her over with this GORGEOUS Women’s Lizzy Dress with a hi-lo hem using fabric from Sly Fox Fabrics.  I adjusted the hem to hit exactly where she wanted and she was so so happy.

Sew Americana 2019

I ran out of fabric and time before I could make something for my oldest daughter.

However, when she saw my Sydney/Layla mash up she asked to try it on and that was it.  Now, let me say, this top was made with measurements so the fit is totally different on her.  If I had more fabric I’d make her one with the right measurements and sizing.  Either way she was happy and so was I.

Featured Patterns for Sew Americana 2019:

Girls’ Virginia Tank and Maxi (tank only) | Kids’ Swim Trunks | Women’s Lizzy Dress | Women’s Sydney and Women’s Layla Mash | Women’s Boardshorts | Diane Joggers

Thanks for joining me! Make sure you take a look through the other Sew American 2019 Blog Tour Stops.  There are some extremely talented bloggers joining this tour!




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  1. April Baylor

    I really love the Lizzy on your daughter! The fit is spot on! I mean, all of the outfits are super cute, but that one is my favorite. 🙂

    • Laura ONeal

      Thank you! She is a tough one to fit between her full bust and her tiny waist but I agree that the dress is lovely on her.

  2. jgrzurcher

    Laura, you never disappoint with your creative takes on patterns and fabrics! Your family is adorable and each person is beautifully dressed for patriotic holidays! So great that your folks could join you, too. Thank you for sharing your sewing and your life with us!

  3. Maryanna

    Great sews! I actually have three 5 out of 4 patterns waiting to be cut out on my sewing table right now!

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