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#5oo4Summer Contest

We’re having a fun contest here at 5 out of 4 Patterns!

From June 1-30 you have the opportunity to share all the 5 out of 4 Patterns you’ve made all over social media and then be entered to win weekly prizes and a grand prize at the end of the month!  How awesome is that?  It’s the #5oo4SUMMER CONTEST!


Here’s how it works:

Make something awesome from 5 out of 4 Patterns.  You post it on your personal Facebook page, on the 5 out of 4 Facebook Group and various other sewing/fabric related pages/groups.  Go ahead and post it on Instagram and twitter too.  In the description of each post you write whatever you want but be sure to include #5oo4SUMMER!  Then, take a screenshot of each post and add it to the comments of that week’s OFFICIAL THREAD. Yes, EVERY POST IS AN ENTRY! Each Sunday there will be an OFFICIAL THREAD for you to post ALL your #5oo4SUMMER makes for that week!  At the end of the week we’ll announce a winner.  There may even be some surprise mid-week giveaways!

Here’s what we’ve got for each week:

#5oo4Summer Contest


What are the other prizes, you ask?  We will be combining ALL the previous week’s entries to choose a few more prizes and the GRAND PRIZE… Check it out!!!



A huge thanks to all our sponsors!


As always, we’re here to help if you need it!  Join us HERE and on FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutube, and Pinterest.  We’re everywhere you are.

  1. Maggie Craig

    How nice of you to think,of all the people who enjoying sewing

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