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Overlay Tank
Overlay Tank

Move over Athleta, Lucy, and Lululemon, the Agility Tank and Dress is moving into your territory and providing options for breastfeeding mothers too! Once again, we have pushed the envelope on just how many options we can provide in a single pattern.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. T-back Sports Bra
  2. Strappy Back Sports Bra
  3. T-back A-line Shirt and Dress (with or without a built-in bra)
  4. Strappy Back A-line Shirt and Dress
  5. T-back Overlay Shirt (with banded bottom or drawstring hem) and Dress
  6. Strappy Back Overlay Shirt (with banded bottom or drawstring hem) and Dress
  7. All options include tutorials and pattern pieces for nursing modifications!!
Overlay Dress

Here’s what I love most about this pattern…The overlay portion doesn’t show excessive skin.  I know, I know, I sound a little uptight, but seriously, I kept trying on this style of shirt and every single one I tried showed skin below my bra either under the arms or on the back.  Athleta? Yep, it was designed to show skin under the bra line on the back.  It wasn’t until I entered the design phase that I realized it was MUCH easier to design the shirt to show more skin versus figuring out a design that took into account the drape of the fabric and the loose fit I desired along with having the underarm hit above the bottom of the bra (and hiding extra skin).  I pretty much did the Rocky dance when I finally figured it out.

Here’s another thing, while I may be an XS, nothing gets me more upset than noticing that companies don’t offer trendy designs in larger sizes.  I am SUPER excited to be able to offer this pattern up to a 3XL.

Overlay Tank with Drawstring

So what fabric do I recommend?  I’m glad you asked.  I used the moisture management jerseys from Sportek International (their retail side is called Spandex by Yard).  I’m not affiliated with Sportek, but I am incredibly happy with my purchase. Moisture management knits have special yarn that helps pull moisture away from your body.   Excess perspiration against your skin can lead to feeling more fatigued in hot weather, cause chafing, and lead to feeling colder in cool weather.  By pulling the moisture to the outside of the fabric, the moisture is able to evaporate more quickly. I used the Agility pattern to make an Overlay Dress (with a strappy back) and an Overlay Tank (with a T-back and drawstring) out of the moisture management jersey from Sportek. It gets ridiculously HOT here in the summer, but this dress is going to be A-mazing!  This fabric has an awesome drape and is SO soft and comfortable. I used this fabric in the color Antrazit for my dress:

SP-XP52 Alpha-Tek Wicking and Anti-Microbial

For my tank, I used this in the color Tagete.

SP-X1 Nylon Spandex Perfo-TEK Jersey

Fabric choice is key.  If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you read my blog post on the Versatility to learn about the best fabric choices for supportive sports bras.  I’ve had a few testers try out the Agility and Versatility with power mesh and they agreed that it helped tremendously!

I’m proud to offer workout options that can meet your needs no matter what stage of life you’re in at the moment.  I love working with my testers to figure out the best ways to make my patterns nursing friendly.  Like the Versatility, the breastfeeding option includes an extra layer of fabric that is attached into the bra elastic and provides more modesty.  The Agility has two completely different looks and both can be made so you can breastfeed easily.

Agility Overlay NursingAgility Nursing Aline



**I also have something AWESOME to share with you!  Sportek International is offering my readers a coupon code for ordering.  You can get $5 off an order of $40 or more with the code 26357291101ZXDFR or you can get $15 off an order of $85 or more with the code 26345896521XZK.

Here are some other views and pattern information:

A-line dress
A-line dress
strappy back bra
strappy back banded Overlay
Strappy Back Overlay Tank with Band
T-back A-line dress
Banded Overlay
Banded Overlay
Strappy Back Overlay Dress
T-back Overlay Tank
A-line Tank
Sports Bra
Overlay Dress
Drawstring Overlay Tank
Overlay Back






Fabric Requirements:

Fabric req


Don’t forget your coupon code for Spandex by Yard!  You can get $5 off an order of $40 or more with the code 26357291101ZXDFR or you can get $15 off an order of $85 or more with the code 26345896521XZK.

Comment below with what you plan on ordering! I can’t wait to see what you create. Make sure you join our Facebook group to show off what you’ve made.  We’re also available to help with any issues you’re having too.

Size Chart:

Size Chart


4 Responses

  1. Maureen

    Ooooh, thank you so much! This is fabulous information. I love my cotton lycra fabrics but they just don’t cut it for workout clothes. I’m going to order some of that wicking jersey and also try out the power mesh. Thanks for the coupon code!

    P.S. Your pattern is fabulous, I’ve tried the a-line version and love it!

  2. pj

    Hi! I’m about to order this and the shorties. Does anyone know Aussie companies I can seek sporting fabric from?? Xx

  3. Tammy

    Thank you so much, I am always looking for something that fits my 1X frame… but also my 9 year old daughter who is now into woman’s small. Love that I don’t have to purchase 2 patterns for both of our sizes. I can’t wait to start making these.

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