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Nursing bra

Nursing Bra and Beyond

The new Versatility Tank and Pants pattern is now available for both women and kids.  The women’s pattern includes a sports bra, a nursing sports bra, a tank, a nursing tank, and a maternity tank (all with the option to have a built in bra) PLUS super comfy knit pants (capri, regular, or long lengths) with options for a yoga waistband or a drawstring.

When I started thinking about creating a pattern for a nursing tank, my first instinct was to create a thin strapped camisole.  However, while I was researching this idea, it became clear that thin straps aren’t always the most comfortable for well-endowed breastfeeding mothers.  One of the testers on my previous pattern (the Knot shirt and dress) asked if anyone knew of a wide-strapped breastfeeding tank top pattern, and I immediately started researching it for ideas.  There are very few wide-strapped nursing tank tops on the market.

I saw a few that used snaps instead of nursing clips for the straps.  Personally, I find snaps difficult to reattach one-handed, so I prefer nursing clips.  The Versatility Tank is designed to use 5/8″ nursing clips, which can be found at both Wawak and SewSassy as well as in various shops on Etsy.  Please be aware and compare prices!  Wawak is the cheapest, but they don’t offer the color white.  Sew Sassy is a little bit more expensive, but they offer the color white.  I’ve seen a few stores on Etsy that are priced MUCH higher for a set of 12 than either Wawak or SewSassy.

Nursing option snap

Two of our testers preferred to use snaps instead of nursing clips.  I’m happy to report that both turned out perfectly.  One tester even used a little bit of stretch lace as a trim on her nursing overlay.  It is so cute.  The lace trim would only work if you used a snap.

Choosing Supportive Fabric

I think fabric choices tend to confuse people.  I find that I can usually get a better quality fabric online…BUT you have to know what you’re looking for and that can be a hit or miss situation.  I suggest taking the time and spending a small amount of money ordering fabric samples.  A few people, like Purple Seamstress will happily mail a color sheet of her cotton-lycra options.  However, some stores charge a nominal fee for small samples.  I still find it worthwhile if I have the time because I’m able to touch the fabrics and really get a feel for their strength, softness, and opacity.

If you have a large bust and feel like you need extra support, I would choose a fabric that is thicker than your typical cotton-lycra blend.  If you really want a LOT of support, you can even sandwich in a third layer of fabric.  There are lots of options available, but I highly suggest contacting stores and talking to them about your needs.  On stretch fabrics, there is either a stretch in one direction, called a 2-way stretch, or a stretch in two directions, called a 4-way stretch.Here are some suggestions that would be great for adding more support:

Powermesh/Powernet/Powerknit: This comes in different weights and is a two-way stretch nylon/lycra blend that is often used as the foundation in bras.  I find it a little irritating on my sensitive skin, so I would sandwich it between two other fabrics if using it on the front bra piece.  Store bought sports bras often use powernet between the breasts or on the back to provide optimal air circulation.

Other nylon/lycra fabrics that will provide more support include:

Super Stretch Compression Tricot (it also comes in black and nude)

Spand-Tek Compression Max-Dri Wicking Heavy Poly-Spandex

Sportek Perfotek VX Moisture management and Compression Nylon VX Perfotek Spandex Jersey

HikingI’m thrilled with the way the Versatility Tank and Pants turned out.  I’m past my nursing days, but I’ve made versions for the gym, hiking, and for lounging around my house.  We were about to leave to go hiking last week and the kids saw me in my robot Versatility. Three of them ran upstairs to change into their matching tanks that I made from the Kids’ Versatility Tank and Pants pattern.  (I know you can barely see the shirts in this picture, but I couldn’t resist sharing our view!)  My next post will be all about fabrics for sportswear.

I hope you love all the options the Versatility Tank and Pants provide.  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any issues and consider joining our Facebook page to show off your hard work.

Have you tried any of the fabrics listed or had luck with something else? Please leave a comment with your experiences and/or questions.


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  1. Maureen

    Thank you for the great information on fabric choices. It is good to know there are better options out there that will provide more support than the typical fabrics found in the big box stores.

  2. 5oo4 Summer’s Coming Blog Tour | Manning The Machine

    […] I want to get something right out in the open to start off with. This bra is itchy as HELL!! There’s a gold thread running through the stripes. Oh. My. Gosh! Is it ever obnoxious. These are the things I never think about when picking fabric. Fortunately, I’m a double sports bra kind of girl, so I can wear it as my outer layer, and it isn’t a big deal. I will say that fabric choice does matter depending on how supportive you want your Resolution Bra to be. There’s a whole post about picking supportive fabrics over at 5oo4’s blog. […]

  3. Sarah

    What kind of fabric do you use use on the inside of the bra? That mesh irritates my skin as well, but I would think sandwiching it between two pieces of the exterior fabric would make the bra too thick?

    • Jessica Pierce

      Sorry for the slow reply! I typically sandwich it between two layers. I tend to use a lightweight wickaway knit against my skin. Some cotton lycras might be too thick, but overall I think it works well.

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