Sewing School: The Knot Headband

We sure do hope you enjoy Sewing School as much as we do! Let’s KNOT waste any time!

sewing school knot headband

Today we’re walking you through another headband option.  The Knot Headband is here! This is one of my all-time favorite headband style.  It really is a headband that works well for children and adults alike.  The fact that it ties gives it some adjustability, as well.  This pattern is a great scrap buster and promises to make matching headbands and outfits simple and quick.

sewing school knot headband

As usual, this tutorial comes with a video and two FREE PDFs.  The first PDF is for the pattern pieces and the second for the tutorial.  We would love to see your headbands, so once you’ve made one or two or a hundred head on over to our FB page and show us what you’ve got.

Here’s the video tutorial:

Here are your FREE PDF downloads:

Sewing School Knot Headband Pattern Pieces 8.5 x 11

Sewing School Knot Headband Tutorial


sewing school knot headband

Headband pictured above with the Girls’ Eleanor Cardigan

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