Sewing School: Gathering Techniques

Do you struggle gathering fabric? If so, you’re not alone and Sewing School is here to help.



While working through our latest test, Mabel Ruffle & Cowl Tunic, we explored the world of gathering.  I had no idea how many different ways one could gather fabric.  I’ve always abhorred gathering but as I tested these methods I began to appreciate the various techniques.  We’ve come up with what we believe are the Top Three Gathering Techniques.  The goal was to find the best ways to get a professional finish on a garment.  While there are many ways to create a gather not all techniques are created equal.

Here are our results:

#1 The Traditional Technique

This technique was, by far, the best when it came to beautiful results.  I can safely say that this will always be my main method of gathering.  It’s worth every second of attention.  There’s a reason it’s the proper…. it gives the best results!

#2 The Serger Technique

This technique is a great time saver and gave a fairly even gather.

#3 The Zig Zag Method

This technique was also a great time saver!  While it’s a bit tedious I found it super fun.

We thought you might appreciate a tutorial and FREE downloadable PDFs for each of these techniques.

When you’re done learning try these techniques on the new Women’s Mabel and Girls’ Mabel!  You won’t regret it!

Here you go:

Here are you FREE PDFs:

Sewing School: Gathering Traditional Technique

Sewing School: Gathering Serger Technique

Sewing School: Gathering Zig Zag Technique

gathering mabel tunic 5 out of 4 patterns


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