Agility Sew a Long Day 3

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Today we are going to be working on the overlay for the tank and dress versions of the Agility.

Let’s start with the back overlay piece.  With right sides facing, mark the pleat line from the pattern piece, then sew the pleat.  Backstitch at either end to secure the stitch.


Open the overlay piece so right sides are facing up and baste across the top of the pleat.


I like to do the gathers on the front overlay piece, stitch the overlay pieces together at the side seams, and then hem the underarms of the overlay pieces. However, feel free to complete these steps in an order you are most comfortable with.  Be sure to refer to the chart on page 25 of the pattern to determine the width of the gathered front overlay piece.

Gathered front overlay piece

Front and back overlay pieces stitched at side seams

Fold underarm down at 3/8in and top stitch with a stretch stitch, zig-zag, twin needle or coverstitch.

The overlay piece for your tank or dress is now complete.

For non-nursing versions you can go ahead and baste your overlay piece to the bra and lining.  With both the bra front and front overlay pieces right side up, match the center fronts and then baste 1/4in away from the edge.  Repeat for the bra back and back overlay pieces.  The wrong side of the back overlay should be on top of the right side of the bra back.

For nursing versions we will add the overlay pieces to the nursing layer tomorrow after we do the bindings.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your progress in the 5 out of 4 Facebook Group.  You can find today’s thread by searching #5oo4AgilityDay3

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