Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats

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There is almost nothing better than an exciting new pattern!  Who doesn’t love all the beautiful promo photos from the tester team?  Some of them are even rocking gorgeous new or upcoming fabrics.  We ooo, we ahhh, we buy the pattern and make one or two versions of it.  Then most of us move on to the next new pattern.  I do this, too!  In fact, I LOVE it.  Keeps my wardrobe fresh and exciting.  I learn new techniques or fitting tips.  (Which is actually one of my favorite things!)  But, every once in a while, you just have to lean back on an old friend.  A pattern you’ve already sewn a few times.  You know just how it fits and flatters.  You have a favorite fabric to make it in.  You might even know all the ins and outs, the shortcuts of construction.

That’s what I’m going to be tackling this year.  Pulling out that old friend, one I tested and have sewn a few times since.  Then I’m going to test just how versatile that pattern can be, pushing it to the limits.  I’m going to sew up a bunch of the options included in the pattern.  Then hack even more options out of the pattern.  I’ll also show how different fabrics can drastically change the look, and ultimately the use, of a pattern.  I’m hoping to show you that if you put the time in to grade and adjust for your fit, one pattern can be a base for many pieces in your closet.  Then you can fill in with all the fun, exciting new stuff that comes out!

So, head on over to Sarcastic Sewist to check out Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats.  Once each month, I’ll be sharing a new take on the Diane Joggers.  I’ll be trying just about every option you can think of, and hopefully some will inspire you to try them out!  I’ll be sure to tell you which options I chose, which hacks I did (and how to do them, of course), as well as what wonderful fabric I’m using.  If you like them, you’ll definitely be able to recreate them for your own closet!!  I’ll also be giving away some 5oo4 gift cards, so you can pick up the Diane Joggers and sew along with me or grab a great new shirt to wear with them!

If you already have the Diane Joggers, I’m also going to be pairing these with my favorite 5oo4 tops all year.  I’m starting with the Molly top from the pajama set and who knows where I’ll go from there!  But, 5oo4 certainly has shirt patterns for all your needs, which means they have something that matches each of the options and hacks I’ll be doing!!  Plus, who knows what they’ll come up with this year??  So, come along for the ride, or join in, because this is going to be fun!

Stephanie xx

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