Sewing School: Assemble a 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern

Are you new to the 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern world?

Assemble a 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern

Have you looked at your file and asked, “How in the world does one assemble a 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern?”

Well, lucky for you, Laura has taken some time to simplify the process to assemble a 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern.  While instructions for assembling the pattern are present in each tutorial, 5 out of 4 knows that some of us learn better by watching it be done! It isn’t a difficult task, but if you’re new to us it may look a little complicated.  Don’t fret!  Take a look at this video:

Well, that really is all there is to it.  Simple, right?  Now you know how easy it is to assemble a 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern.  As always, we’re here to help if you need it!  Join us HERE and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.  We’re everywhere you are!

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