Swimsuit Free for All Day 2

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Day 2 of the Swimsuit Free For ALL is here and it’s time to do a little sewing!

There are both solid and colorblock options for the Tidal Wave Shorts.  Once you assemble the colorblock pieces for the legs, the construction steps will be the same as the solid option.  That being said, let’s get started by assembling the colorblock leg pieces.

With RIGHT sides up, take and lay out 1 front piece, 1 contrast center piece, and 1 back piece.

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

Take care to make sure you are matching up the correct pieces.  The front piece has 1 triangle that matches up to the contrast piece, and the back piece will match up with the 2 triangles.

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

Once you have the 3 pieces matched up, take your front piece and center contrast piece and pin/clip them together with RIGHT sides facing.

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

Open the pieces so they are right side up.  Now take the other side of your contrast piece and pin/clip it RIGHT sides facing to the back piece.

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

When turned over with WRONG sides up, your 3 pieces should be pinned/clipped together like this.

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

Stitch together using a stretch stitch or serger.  Repeat with the other leg.

When laid out flat, your coloblocked leg pieces should look like this:

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

Now that we have assembled the colorblocked pieces, construction will be the same for both the colorblocked and solid options.

Take your Tidal Wave Shorts and fold them in half with RIGHT sides together so that the inseams are lined up.  Pin/clip together.  Stitch using a stretch stitch or your serger.

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

Repeat with the other leg.  Now take your lining pieces and repeat the same steps to sew up the inseam of each leg.  *Remember that your leg lining pieces will be cut using the solid option pattern piece.

We now have 4 separate leg pieces (2 main and 2 lining)

5oo4 Swimsuit Free For All Day 2

That’s it for today’s sewing.  Don’t forget to post your progress in the 5oo4 Facebook Group.  You can search #5oo4SwimFree4All to bring up the entry threads.  Today’s post can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5outof4PatternsGroup/permalink/1791881621103967/


Want to know what’s next on the Swimsuit Free For All schedule?

  • Monday: Measure, print, and cut
  • Tuesday:  Sew the leg pieces
  • Wednesday: Attach the gusset, add waistband (including optional drawstring) and hemming/attaching leg bands
  • Thursday: Make another pair/Catch-up
  • Friday-Saturday: Post final pictures of your sewalong entries
  • Sunday: WINNERS announced!

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