Shenanigans Sewalong: Day 6

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If you have followed the Shenanigans Sewalong schedule, you should be finished with your skort! Congratulations! If you are still working on yours, you still have some time!

Sewalong Day 6: PICTURE DAY/Catch Up Day!

Your last ‘assignment’ is to post a final images of your me-made on the DAY 6 FB post (with #ShenanigansSAL) AND in Shenanigans Album for an opportunity to WIN a lovely prize from one of our sewalong sponsors!

Have FUN with ‘picture day’! Wear your new skirt or skort to a favorite park, best downtown scene, or any interesting location and snap some cute photos!

A few photography tips to get better images no matter which camera you use:

  • Be aware of your background (no trash cans or piles of laundry/toys). A simple background works best to showcase your me-made.
  • Be aware of your lighting. Avoid harsh light (direct sunlight or indoor flash); rather, find a spot with nice filtered, even light to avoid harsh shadows and blown out details.
  • Make sure your photographer is ‘eye level’ with and directly in front of the subject (i.e.: avoid extreme angles).
  • RELAX and have fun!

Remember to post on the FB post AND the FB Shenanigans Album for a chance to WIN THESE FABULOUS PRIZES!

THANK YOU for sewing along! It has been fun to see your progress during the Shenanigans Sewalong!

I hope you enjoyed the time in front of your machine this week and created a lovely piece to add to your wardrobe.

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