Shenanigans Sewalong: Day 5

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The home stretch … the most exciting part of any project – the last stitches and final fit check of our Shenanigans Sewalong!

Shenanigans Sewalong Day 5: Attach Shorts and Skirt to Waistband


Let’s just jump right in!

Step 1: Insert shorts inside skirt as instructed in tutorial. You can baste the two together if it helps you keep things lined up. I personally don’t, but I think basting would have saved me a lot dates with my seam ripper when I first started sewing knits! 🙂

Step 2: Add waistband and (optional) elastic as instructed in the tutorial.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE my WonderClips!?! They are amazing! They make quartering super easy, and they even have markings to help you maintain an even seam allowance. What?!!? Yes. They really are a useful tool.

5oo4 Shenanigans Sewalong Day 5

Quick fit check…I am thrilled with the results! And I can’t wait to see YOURS!

Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for final submission information and prize details!

5oo4 Shenanigans Sewalong Day 5

If you have some extra time, please visit our Sponsor Highlight of the day … Pink Zeppelin Fabrics.

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