Shenanigans Sewalong: Day 3

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Day 1 and 2 were ‘housekeeping’ days – the dirty work that HAS to get done before the fun can begin. Today we finally get some time on our sewing machines!

Shenanigans Sewalong Day 3: Assemble Shorts

One of the many ways to customize your Shenanigans skirt is to add shorts. Shorts under skirts or dresses do have a purpose: modesty, of course, but shorts also reduce thigh chaffing and allow the wearer freedom to enjoy more activities without worry (i.e.: a little extra CONFIDENCE). When a skirt has built-in shorts, it is called a skort. And as a mother of three, I can attest – shorts under a skirt are a very good thing! Every skirt doesn’t HAVE to be a skort, but it is a nice option offered in this pattern.

As the tutorial suggests, the shorts should be made with a fabric with stretch and good recovery (i.e.: CottonLycra 95/5). My favorite online resources to get good, quality C/L are Purple Seamstress and PeekABooFabricShop. Both offer great customer service and fast shipping. And they also offer assistance when coordinating prints and solids, so you have an accurate match. Also be sure to check out our sponsors, too, because I saw some really cute stuff on their sites as well!

A few participants asked for solutions to a problem: shorts riding up after extended wear (not necessarily with this pattern, but in general). Here are a few solutions:

  • try different inseams (typically add length)
  • use the Ninja shorts pattern (they have a more snug fit – and the pinned post in the 5oo4 FB Group has a code to get the pattern for FREE!)
  • add small bands around each leg opening (similar to adding cuffs to a sleeve)
  • add ‘gripper’ elastic at hem

Hopefully this will not be an issue (I have been wearing mine without any problems), but I thought this information would be useful ‘just in case.’

Okay, let’s get sewing!

Step 1: if you are including pockets, attach those to your shorts as per the tutorial instructions.

Step 2: Sew your crotch, inseam(s), and gusset to assemble the shorts as per the tutorial instructions.

The gusset can be a bit confusing if you have never done one, so I encourage you to watch the gusset video on the 5oo4 Youtube Channel for a great audio/visual example to follow.

Step 3: Hem each leg and topstitch.

Super easy and quick, right? I think these would make some comfy lounge shorts for home!

We are officially half-way finished with the sewalong!! Shorts, done. Tomorrow, we work on the skirt!!!

And if you have some extra time, please visit our Sponsor Highlight of the day … So Sew English. Those florals!!! Wow! I love the bundle deals with coordinating fabric; they do the hard work for us – except pick the perfect 5oo4 pattern to pair it with!

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