Shenanigans Sewalong: Day 2

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Welcome back! It’s Day 2 of the Shenanigans sewalong, and we are cutting into our fabric! FUN! I actually enjoy the process of converting yards of fabric into a bunch of ‘puzzle pieces’ – the transformation into a wearable piece always amazes me!

Let’s get started!

Sewalong Day 2: Cut Fabric

Step 1: Choose fabrics. We have a few choices to make – skirt fabric, shorts fabric, waistband fabric, and flounce fabric … get creative! Be sure to check your stretch; it only takes 30 seconds and can truly save a project. I used a stretch denim I found in the remnant pile (for $2.98/yard), and it worked great!

Step 2: Sort pattern pieces. I like to sort my pieces by fabric (i.e.: two shorts pieces and gusset in one pile, and the skirt front, back, and waistband in another) to streamline the cutting process by cutting all the pieces from each fabric choice at the same time.

Step 3: Layout your pieces and cut. I really like using pattern weights; they are quick, easy, don’t put holes in your fabric, and ensure accurate cutting. A recent addition to my sewing tools are WonderClips! WOW! Game changer! When two pattern pieces look very similar (i.e.: the front and back flounce pieces), I like clipping the pattern piece to the fabric to eliminate any confusion during garment construction.

Yay! We did it! We are ready to start assembly tomorrow!

Be sure to read through the tutorial to make sure you have everything you need for day 3 of the Shenanigans sewalong… do you want to add the 2″ elastic to the waistband?

And if you have some extra time, please visit our Sponsor Highlight of the day … Sincerely Rylee Fabrics.
So much pretty!!! I see a few Ninjas and Nancy Raglans in my future with those beautiful prints!

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