Sewing with Kids: Penny PJs Edition

My family is fully aware of my sewing obsession.

I can easily spend days in my sewing room barely coming up for air if I’m not careful with my time.  I have four kids that need their mommy so I do my best to be aware of the time I’m spending “away” from them.

Recently, my 6 year old asked if I would teach her to sew because when she grows up she wants “to be just like mommy and sew everything.” My heart skipped a beat and we decided she needed some new summer pajamas made out of unicorn fabric.  The plan was set but we needed to find the time.

Sewing with kids

It took a little maneuvering but we made it work.  My sweet girl is so curious and wants to understand everything about the world and sewing proved to be no exception.  SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Sewing with kids

Her excitement is contagious which made this little project super fun.

Sewing with kids

I walked her through the Penny Pajama Set pattern step by step and she attempted every part.  At no point did she feel like it was too hard and jumped right in with such enthusiasm.

Sewing with kids Sewing with kids

Let’s talk about why I chose the Kids’ Penny Pajama Set Pattern.

There are the obvious reasons like my kid needed pajamas, but I’d like to take a sec to talk about the pattern itself.

First, it’s easy and fast.  I knew that this little project was going to take longer than usual due to the fact that I’m working with a small child who has never sewn anything before.

Sewing with kids

Second, was the construction.  The construction for this pattern is not complex and is easy to understand.

Sewing with kids Sewing with kids

Lastly, the outcome.  When this project is complete one will have a complete “outfit”.  The pattern includes both pants/shorts and a top.  It’s suitable for year round use and quickly becomes a family favorite when you realize that not only can you find a child’s pajama pattern on the website but you’ll find both a men’s and women’s version as well.


We love the outcome so much we made another for her little sister.

Penny penny

Get your Penny Pajama Set Pattern HERE.  BONUS: Penny is on sale for $5 this weekend ONLY.

Don’t forget to pick the men’s and/or women’s as well.

There’s even a bundle deal if you need all THREE!  You can’t lose.


I’m not the only one who enjoys sewing with their kids!  Tasha recently got her little a sewing machine for her birthday.

Sewing with kids

Jessica even did a blog post a couple years ago sewing up the FREE Pajama Pants with one of her kids.  You can find that post HERE.

Sewing with kids

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