Sewing School: Neckbands Part 1

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Sewing School: Neckbands Part 1 starts now!  Let’s talk crew/scoop necklines.

Sewing School: Neckbands Part 1 Crew/Scoop Neck

For many of us, neckbands are second nature but sometimes we need a refresher.  There are others who are new to the sewing world who have no idea how easy a neckband can be.  This episode of Sewing School: Neckbands Part 1 is dedicated to all the sewists who love to learn!

Because we love all our readers/members we will be adding FREE PDF downloads as often as we are able. So, without further ado, here’s today’s download:

Sewing School Neckband Part 1 Crew-Scoop.pdf

We hope you are looking forward to the next installment of Sewing School!   See you then!  To stay up to date with all the goings on sign up for our Newsletter on our homepage and catch up with us on Facebook!

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