Sewing School: Basic Knit Headband Tutorial

It’s time for a fun Sewing School: Basic Knit Headband Tutorial!

Sewing school basic knit headband

If you’re anything like me you have tons of fabric scraps from all your lovely makes that you have a hard time parting with.  Sometimes we think, “There has to be something I can do with this rather large scrap.” We, then, toss to the side and wait for inspiration. My friends, I happen to have inspiration at my fingertips today.  Join me while I show you how to make a knit headband.

These headbands make wonderful gifts for loved ones and fabulous matching accessories.  We’ve even included a FREE downloadable PDF of this tutorial and FREE downloadable pattern pieces.

A couple things to remember:

  • Head sizes and shapes are different.  You to size up or down based on personal comfort.
  • It may be necessary to size up or down based on the stretch of your fabric.
  • It is of utmost importance that your fabric have great recovery.  Why is this important? Simply put, if it is lacking in recovery your headband will “grow” throughout the day and will eventually fall off or hang around your neck.


Download your FREE PDFs right here:

Sewing School Basic Knit Headband Pattern Pieces 8.5 x 11

Sewing School Basic Knit Headband Tutorial

Join us next time, we’ve got more fun headband styles up our sleeves.

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