Sewing School: Adding Elastic to Swim Bottoms

Sewing School is here to help you with that pesky elastic for your swimwear…

Sewing elastic to leg openings, to be exact…

Sewing School Adding Elastic to Swim Bottoms

Swimwear can be tedious and, sometimes, down right frustrating to make.

We found, when testing our NEW Alice Swim Bottoms Pattern, that those leg openings caused some frustration for a few people.  This problem can be found on any swim bottom so we jumped in with a little sewing school video!

Don’t forget to download your FREE Downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post.  You’ll need to reference it for all the markings.


Here’s your FREE Downloadable PDF: Sewing School- Adding Elastic to Swim Bottoms

We hope you enjoyed this edition the tutorial.  See you next time!

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