Introducing the Riptide Reversible Shorties

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**Edited to add: A winner has been chosen!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the responses.  Thank you for sharing!**

I’ve always wanted to have boy shorts as my the bottoms on my bathing suit.  The inspiration for the Riptide Reversible Shorties came from Athleta; but when I saw the reviews for their version say it has lots of seams in all the wrong places, I knew that wouldn’t work for me.  I’m not into sitting by the pool to look pretty.  I want to play!

The Women’s Reversible Shorties will meet your needs if you’re looking for a swim short that is:

  • awesome.

🙂  The Riptide comes in women’s sizes XXS-3XL, has a full gusset, has options for a low/maternity waistband, mid-rise, or high-rise and includes directions on how to make the shorties reversible.  Seriously, REVERSIBLE!  I love having flexibility in my flair. (I’m on a roll today!)  It also has ruched sides so you can have more or less coverage depending on whether you’re on vacation with your husband or swimming at your in-laws.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that last one.

Some of the feedback we’ve heard so far is how awesome the shorties look on tushes of every shape and size.  That kind of feedback keeps me staying up late to work on more patterns!

Here is a collage of the size large, high-waist option.  The top row is unruched and the bottom row is ruched.


Large High Rise Ruched Unruched Collage

Here is a beautiful set that is paired with the tankini mod on the Agility.

XS high waist Riptide Agility


I had some awesome maternity testers this time around too.  The pattern has a low-rise option and a low-rise, curved waistband that is perfect for a growing baby bump.


Maternity collage


I had an absolutely fantastic test group for the Riptide Shorties.  They were all ready to go from the beginning.  I love it when my testers get started early and help me make a fantastic pattern!  My patterns wouldn’t be nearly as good without the testers who are willing to give their time to help perfect the pattern.  I am forever thankful!

Large High Rise XL High-rise unruched XXS with modified Agility Agility and Riptide Shorties  Agility & Riptide Shorties Size Medium3XL 3XL back viewAgility with Riptide Shorties Modified Agility with Riptide Shorties 3XL Back 2XL 2XL back XS XS backXS side XS back with Agility mod Medium This Princess Runs XS left (1 of 1)








































The Women’s Riptide Reversible Shorties are already in the shop!  If you use the code MATCH you can get 10% off the Agility and the Riptide when they’re bought together.

Today is Bethany’s birthday. 🙂 In honor of Bethany, comment below with one way you’re smarter this year than you were last year.  I’ll randomly choose a winner for a pattern of your choice.  Already own all of our patterns?  No worries.  You can choose one of our upcoming patterns, the Girls’ Agility or the Girls’ Riptide Shorties. 🙂

42 Responses

  1. Ky Micallef

    Im much smarter this year than I was last year because as of 2 months ago I finally learnt to sew ? now I have jumped on the band wagon & am creating amazing clothing like all of u.

  2. Linda stilling

    I’m smarter this year because I learned better household management techniques, which gives me more sewing time!

  3. Melissa

    I haven’t made the ladies Riptide yet, but over the past few weeks I have learned that I can sew swimwear and make it look better than store bought. So, I am a smarter seamstress!!

  4. Angela

    I learned that you have to use stretch needles with swim knit, not ballpoint needles.

  5. Angie

    I’m smarter than last year because I started sewing again and it makes me feel better about myself making my own clothes that actually fit!

  6. Paula Barron

    Love these as swim bottoms. Conquered knits of all kinds this year.

  7. Katie Johnson

    I’ve joined a couple of FB sewing groups. So I’ve gained an expansive wealth of sewing knowledge in the last 6 months! And I’ve learned that my kids love helping me design clothing for them!

  8. Sharon W

    Never seen clothing but saw these patterns and bought a serger, that makes me smarter than ever before. I want to learn how to make this pattern. Unfortunately I have to wait for my lesson on the new serger to know how. I’m excited though.

  9. Samantha Allen Procopio

    I’m smarter this year as I’ve finally got the hang out balancing motherhood and running a business

  10. Erica

    I’ve been organizing my pdf patterns and since I know where they all are, I’ve been sewing with them instead of just collecting them.

  11. Tia

    Happy birthday Bethany!!! Have an awesome day today!! I’m smarter this year because I’m going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. No more 2 am bedtimes for me!

  12. Jennifer Lester

    I’m much smarter this year because I have learned to have more patience. It helps in everything from not getting worked up about things that I can’t change to really remembering to enjoy each day as a gift.

    These shorties are so cute! I’m glad I found 5 out of 4 through Facebook. Thanks also for showing views of all sizes- I’m on the upper end of the size chart and sometimes don’t get to see how awesome things can be in any size!

  13. Kaitlyn Sexton

    I’m smarter this year than last year because I finally figured out that what I really want to do is be a writer and I’m doing it.

  14. Carrie D

    Happy Birthday! I am smarter this year because I am taking the time to do things I enjoy, like sewing!

  15. Sarah Jane

    After ending up actually making myself sick in the winter because of stress I’ve learned that I need to take a step back from the things that I have no control over and focus on the things in life that I do. My blood pressure is still too high sometimes, I still have panic attacks sometimes, but I can now recognize the signs, take a deep breath and regroup. Sewing and knitting help me shift that focus.

  16. sorahart

    I’m actually much smarter at playing the piano this year than I was last year…I’ve actually been practicing!

  17. Jessica

    I’m smarter because I am getting serious about losing the baby weight and exercising! Happy birthday!

  18. Jocelyn

    Getting smarter at cutting the lawn every week instead of every two. It’s much easier!

  19. Lisette R.

    I’m smarter this year because I’ve learned how important taking care of me is. My baby is 18 months old now and I finally feel like I have my brain back. I’ve picked up sewing and I love making things for myself!

  20. Nikki

    I’m smarter this year because I’ve realized that I can’t change other people and to focus on myself and my family. Makes everyone happier. 🙂

  21. Andrea

    Love these!! I’m smarter this year bc I realized making my own clothes is better than buying! 🙂

  22. Michelle Gagnon

    Smarter this year…there are many ways I am smarter this year. I have learned how to store fabric better so I can cram as much as possible in my sewing room. I have learned that my husband is super awesome and doesn’t care how big my stash is as long as I make him little surprises every now and then. I learned that if I go shopping at JoAnns on Saturday I have a weeks worth of coupons stored up from email,flyers, text messages, and the Internet with all different codes (never pay full price). I’m smarter this year because of all the different Facebook groups that give helpful advice, cool new things to create, coupon codes, and awesome sites to buy fabric and notions. I’m also smarter this year realizing that I can control my OCD and it’s okay if the house isn’t in perfect order as long as the family is happy (this is a big one for me).

  23. Dana Goodman

    I’m smarter this year because I’m done having kids. Haha! Just kidding. Sort of. ..

  24. Christy Roth

    Ha! I think the in-laws comment was mine, LOL…I’m smarter this year because I discovered PDF patterns and have finally (after 5 years) made wearable garments for MYSELF!!! Huge accomplishment.

  25. Anne Goodwin

    I’m smarter this year because I now KNOW that I have too much fabric, whereas last year I just thought I did. ?

  26. Rose McDonald

    This year I am smarter than last year in that I can now sew apparel! I also learned how to drive standard/manual about a month ago. Woo hoo!

    Happy birthday, Bethany!

  27. Sally

    I realized that it’s okay to take naps…it makes me a much happier person:)

  28. Emma

    This year, I learned a new word – ‘No’. What an amazing little word. Before ‘no’, I spent my life running around after everyone else, exhausted. Now I have more time for me to use sewing, knitting and learning crochet!

  29. Heather Brown

    Happy birthday Bethany!
    I’m smarter this year because this is the year I’ve conquered sewing swimsuits for women! I’ve always been afraid of sewing with swim fabrics and also tight garments for a woman’s body but it’s not hard at all!

  30. Lena

    I’m smarter this year because I finally figured out how to meal plan (and stick to it!).

  31. Mamalusco

    I am smarter at coaching track & field. Lots of studying and coaching clinics have helped me be a better coach. The only down side is less time to sew!

  32. Erica

    Wooly nylon. Genius. Finally got the courage to use it this year, now I wooly nylon ALL. THE. THINGS!

  33. Jo

    Happy Birthday Bethany!!! I’ve become smarter at prioritising, I’ve been trying to do too much for too long, and my kids are growing up way too fast, so I’m trying to be better at family/work balance.

  34. Tracey

    I’ve sewn for most ofy life, but I finally feel confident enough in my ability to sew the majority of our clothing, and it’s saving a ton of money!

  35. Natasha

    I have learned that it is okay to make time for yourself and do something for you and not everyone else.

  36. Sharon K

    I am smarter this year bc I now know that having two kids is more than twice the work of one and more than twice the joy.

  37. TanyaC

    I’m smarter this year than before, because I have another year of sewing under my belt. I’ve started sewing with knits and love all the new opportunities that opens up!

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