Riptide Reversible Shorties Sew A Long Day 5

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Today we are going to sew the waistband and finish up our shorties! Step 10, sew the waistbands together along the short sides with right sides together with either a stretch stitch or a serger. Do this for fabrics A and B.


Next we are going to sew the two waistbands together along the top long edge. Turn fabric B right side out and slide it into fabric A waistband with right sides together. Pin or clip the top edge together and serge or sew with a stretch stitch around the loop. Then you will attach your clear elastic along this seam. I serged my loop then attached the elastic with a zig zag stitch.


The top of the waistband is serged and elastic attached with a zig zag. You can serge the elastic on if that is easier for you.



Complete step 12 on page 12 if you are making non reversible bottoms. You will slide your waistband over the top of your bottoms with four raw edges together, both layers of the waisband, your swim lining and your main fabric, and serge or sew with a stretch stitch.


Step 12 on page 13 is where we will pick back up for reversible bottoms. Turn your waistband right side out with fabric B facing you and fabric A in the middle and slide it over the top of the shorts. Pin or clip two raw edge layers of shorts to the raw edge of the waistband for fabric A only and serge or sew with a stretch stitch.


Fabric A waistband clipped to the raw edge of the shorts and fabric B waisband folded down out of the way.


Wonder tape is probably my favorite notion (asides from wonder clips) and is essential for step 13. Turn your shorts so that fabric B is on the outside and apply wonder tape to the raw edge of your fabric B waistband. I cut small lengths as it is easier to manage a small section at a time when sticking the fabrics together.


Wonder tape applied to the raw edge of fabric B waistband.


I find it easier to fold and stick the waistband down with the waistband towards me and the leg openings away from me. I fold and press down in sections.


Make sure you cover up the seam from step 12 when pressing your fabric B waistband down. Topstitch in place slowly with a zig zag to connect the inner waistband to the shorts.



Now try on your fabulous new swim shorts, ruche to desired length and tie the drawstrings in a bow!


I can’t wait to see all of your finished Riptide Reversible Shorties!

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