Sale! Rocket Ryan Raglan Bundle
Rocket Ryan Raglan Bundle
Two awesome patterns in one bundleThe Men’s Ryan and Kids' Rocket Raglan patternsMen's version available in sizes XS-6XKids' version available in sizes 0-3 months to size 14Read below for all the details on these fantastic patterns.
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Sale! Shenanigans Skort Bundle
Shenanigans Skort Bundle
This listing is includes both women's and girls Shenanigans Skort patterns.I’m addicted to skorts.  With different length options, I can go from sassy to professional with the same pattern for both women and girls.  Will you go for sporty spice or the prudent choice?  Or both?  I can’t wait to see what you make! Join the 5oo4 Facebook group and share your creations!
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Sale! Stella Romper Bundle
Stella Romper Bundle
This listing includes both the women's and girls Stella Romper patterns.Romper. To romp means “to play roughly or energetically” according to Webster’s dictionary…I think a one piece outfit is ideal for that.  What? You don’t like to take off your shirt to go to the bathroom? No worries…this romper can actually be made as a separate tank and shorts.Woot. The ultimate romper.  Say it with me now, “STELLLLAAAAAA!”  With this bundle you can say, “STELLLLAAAAAA!” twice as much with both the women's and girls' patterns!
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