5 out of 4 PDF Pattern Printing Tips

Having issues printing a 5 out of 4 PDF Pattern?  No worries.  These PDF Pattern Printing Tips are bound to help you out!

5 out of 4 PDF Pattern Printing Tips

  1.  Printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader is encouraged. Seriously, download it and use it!  You’ll be glad you did. Get it HERE.
  2. Not all mobile devices are able to adjust scaling and your pattern may not print to the correct scale. Print from a desktop or laptop for the best results.
  3. Layers are your friend, like, your best friend!
  4. ALWAYS print page one first so that you can measure the 1in or 5cm square to be sure your printer is printing correctly.

Here’s the HOW

Laura is here to run you through the how to’s in the video below.  While she’s working on a mac, you may be working on PC. However, the only difference is that certain things may look different. No biggie, right? For the purposes of this tutorial Laura is referencing the Nancy Raglan.

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5 Responses

  1. Kath

    Shouldn’t you print just the first page to check the scale before you print all of the other pages??

    • Laura ONeal

      Well dang! I hate it when I forget things. 😆 You are correct! Darn it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. sallyannm60

    Thanks for the printing tip tutorial. I didn’t know you could print one size like that. Haven’t gotten my pattern cut out and sewn yet but things are starting to look easier and faster already.😀❤

  3. Barbara Hummelt

    This tutorial was amazingly helpful. I purchased one of Jess’s patterns quite a while ago and it is my goal to make it. I just printed the pattern….woohoo! Perfect timing!! Thank you!!!

    • Jessica Pierce

      Barbara!! I hope you’re in the FB group so I can see it when you finish. I’ll be SO EXCITED to see you! It’ll kind of be like I’m right there with you. 🙂 I miss you guys so much!

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