Tutorial for a Nancy Raglan Swing Hack

I’m sure you’ve seen “swing dress” or pretty much “swing” anything all over fashion magazines and Pinterest.  We love the style and have one pattern, the Camilla Cowl Neck Tee and Dress, that includes a swing dress with the pattern.  Maybe you’re new to the swing style?  Basically, it means that the pattern is fitted at your bust and then gently flares out to your hips.  The way it drapes across mid-sections and hips is perfect for hiding a multitude of sins, but it’s also great to add a little flare to a solid-colored shirt.

Really, the swing-style shirt/tunic/dress is classy for every shape!

Here is a great example of the Nancy Raglan sewn up according to the pattern and then with the swing hack next to it.


5oo4 Nancy Raglan Swing Hack
Unmodified Nancy Raglan on the left and swing hack on the right


Laura was nice enough to make a video for us.  Did you know we have a YouTube channel??  Make sure you follow 5oo4 on YouTube so you can be updated with new videos.  And, as always, if you decide to make your own swing version of the Nancy Raglan (or any 5oo4 pattern!), come share it with us in the Facebook group!  We love seeing what you make.

Here’s the lovely Laura showing us how to do the Nancy Raglan Swing Hack:



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  1. Rachel Kachun

    Thank you for sharing this hack. I’ve been wanting to find a way to hack a t shirt pattern into a swing style, especially for a raglan!

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