Lakeshore Tank Hack – adding a skirt.

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I’ve been desperately wanting a cute summer dress with a built-in bra.  I saw this amazing dress on Pinterest with a ruched skirt and immediately thought about adding it to the Lakeshore Tank!  So let me show you how to do it with this easy Lakeshore Tank hack!

Cut out and sew your tank according to the pattern.  You’re going to cut on the ‘banded tank’ line and leave the bottom undone for the moment.

For the skirt, you’re going to use your band piece but cut it a bit differently.  First, you’re going to want to extend the length.  For a regular length, 16″ should do it.  If you’re taller than ‘average’ (5′ 6″ or so), you’ll need to add more.  I’m nearly 6′ tall and I added 21″.  Second, you’re not going to cut on the fold.  Instead, cut two rectangles.  You are also going to cut 2 long strips 1″ by however long your skirt is (so mine is 1″ x 21″).  This will form your drawstring casing.

Place the 2 rectangles together and sew your side seams.  Hem your skirt and then lay it out so the skirt is inside up and the seam is in the middle.

Take your 2 casings and serge (or finish the seam) on the long edges.  Press them so they lay flat and hem the bottoms 5/8″ (same as your skirt).

You’re now going to take one casing and lay it on your skirt, wrong sides together,  with the side seam of the skirt going directly down the center of the casing (I’m sorry I totally forgot to take a pic so this is the finished casing).  Line it up so the hemmed edge of the casing lays directly above the hem of the skirt.


You are now going to sew on the RIGHT SIDE of your skirt.  Use a lengthened straight stitch or single needle coverstitch chain to stitch in the ditch down the center seam and casing.  Repeat on each side of the casing.  Remember, you are stitching on the RIGHT side of the skirt, creating 3 lines of stitching.  Repeat with the other casing.

For the drawstrings, you can use premade or you can make your own by cutting 4 strips of knit fabric (mine were 1″ by the same length as the skirt) and tugging on them to make them curl up a bit.  For a more finished look, you can cut them by 1.5″, sew them wrong sides together and then turn right side out.  Thread each drawstring into the case from the bottom hem up to the top.  Sew a row of basting stitches across the top of the skirt/casing, catching the tops of the drawstrings to keep them in place.

Follow the instructions for attaching the band (except that it will be one layer skirt instead of a folded over band).  Quarter and pin both skirt and bodice.  Turn your skirt so the wrong side is out.  Slip it over the bodice (right side out) so that right sides are together, matching up pins and raw edges.  For extra stability, sew in clear elastic into the seam.

And you’re done!  Try on your dress and ruche up those skirt side seams!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Lakeshore Tank hack.  Leave a comment below to let us know what other kind of pattern hacks you’d like to see.  We’d love to see YOUR creations in the 5 out of 4 Facebook group!  For today only, you can get the Lakeshore Tank 25% off with the code “PROMO”.  If you join the Facebook group, leave a comment under the thread with these pictures and I’ll pick someone to win a pattern of their choice!

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