Agility Sew a Long Roundup

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We just finished up the Agility Sew a Long over in the 5oo4 Facebook group and we had a great time!  We had lots of participation and it was a great example of how awesome and supportive the group is. … Continued

Agility Sew a Long Day 4

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Alright today is the day we’ve all be waiting for.  Binding seems to be the step that gives many the most trouble when it comes to making the Agility pattern.  There is a really great video in the 5 out … Continued

Agility Sew a Long Day 3

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Today we are going to be working on the overlay for the tank and dress versions of the Agility. Let’s start with the back overlay piece.  With right sides facing, mark the pleat line from the pattern piece, then sew … Continued

Agility Sew a Long Day 2

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Yesterday we assembled our pattern and cut out our fabric and today we are going to start construction. First up is the bra portion of the Agility pattern.  For these steps you will need the front and back bra pieces … Continued

Agility Sew A Long Day 1

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Today is Day 1 of the Agility Tank and Dress Sew A Long.  We are going to be printing the pattern and cutting out fabric.  Go ahead and decide which option(s) you will be sewing up and if you haven’t … Continued