Sewing School: Neckbands Part 1

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Sewing School: Neckbands Part 1 starts now!  Let’s talk crew/scoop necklines. For many of us, neckbands are second nature but sometimes we need a refresher.  There are others who are new to the sewing world who have no idea how … Continued

Sewing School: Knit Band Basics

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We’re here with another installment of Sewing School. Today we’re tackling Knit Band Basics. Knit Band Basics covers waistbands, neckbands, sleeve cuffs, sleeveless bands and even jogger cuffs! Sometimes even the, seemingly, simplest things can feel like a challenge.  Whether you’re … Continued

Sewing School: Single Fold Binding

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It’s all about binding today… It’s time for Sewing School: Single Fold Binding. We’re embarking on a Sewing School journey that begins today.  On this journey we will cover all manner of binding.  Today, however, we will be looking, strictly, … Continued